Transport Planning
Hydrogen Fleet Sizing

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This website has been created as a part of project work done at Politecnico di Milano

We developed two interconnected studies for upcoming Olympic Games. At first, we conducted a transport and demand analysis needed for a fleet estimation and public transport planning during the Games and its conversion into a modern system after. Secondly, the analysis of Hydrogen Public Transport approaches is provided.

Demand Analysis and Fleet Calculation

We created in-depth study of the demand that will be experienced by Cortina and the Valley during Olympic games. Our goal was to understand the movement of people and through the analysis try to find possible bottlenecks of the system. After all, our goal is to propose efficient solutions to eliminate existing problems.

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Hydrogen Public Transport Implementation

We were focused on hydrogen-powered public transport system implementation for the route from Calalzo di Cadore to Cortina d'Ampezzo.

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Companies involved

The Team

Pavel Popov

Marco Trolese

Marco Roncatti

Karthik Krishnappa

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